4 Things which helps in ‘Decision Making’


Life of a entrepreneur never happens to be either flat or at 90 degree growth. Among all the things which matters, ability of ‘decision making’ matters the most, because this is what makes an entrepreneur. Even if somebody is not an entrepreneur, he is known by the decision he makes and not by plans he is having. ‘Decision making’ is nor a process, neither it has any rule book; it is the result of state of mind, which helps us to win over our fears without losing the sight at risk, reflect promptly and act more promptly. During the course of my professional and entrepreneurial journey, I have gathered few point which helps in improve decision making ability.

1)      ‘Invisible’ is ghost and it is meant to scare you only: We often get scared by some invisible fear, which has been bequeathed on us by our social structure and system, and it always teaches us the philosophy avoiding risk. Our social system teaches from our childhood to do everything which can help us to avoiding risk. We try to take as much higher education as possible, we try to get the best of job, we buy insurance cover, we buy pension plan, we do everything but don’t live our life. One may argue that this is also a decision making and I can’t refute. But, isn’t it something which has been taught to us by social system; which misses on what we actually want. Moreover, there is limited seat at top and there is rat race to be there. So, there are only few who make it to that position and rest spend their life trying to reach there, and worrying about the result, if fail to do so. All these things has invisible result factor, which we keep chasing and keep worrying about.  If we give too much importance to the invisible result, then it becomes ghost and hamper our effort, keep us away from lot of things, which we might have done and achieved best results.

2)      Past is past: We might have had best or worst of past, but this is undeniable that it is only the past. We can only take lesson from it and not weigh it high in our mind. If we do so, we will end up putting too much pressure on our subconscious mind, tiring it up a lot, tiring our intuitive mind even more, leaving little space for positive feelings and ability to do something better. So, for any part misfortune, ‘why’ has to be used only once. Shape of our life is result of mixed effort of our mind and body and if we try to take work from our mind only, then end result is going to be zero only.

3)      Best time to take the decision is ‘now’: There is no better time to take the decision than ‘now’. If we don’t do take it now, we may be able to take it only cycle of fortune turns in our favour and that is debatable proposition. So, whenever you feel like taking a decision, just go ahead and take it, of course with quick pros and con calculation. If the stakes are too high and results depends upon highest degree of probability, then that decision is of course related to gambling or Russian Roulette. For rest others, just go ahead and do it.

4)      Accept the fact that we are meant to do our ‘Karma’ and not to focus too much on result: Success is random; there is no written formula to achieve it. We take decision, we act on it, we stay committed, we persist with our efforts, and we get result in different quantum. We might have failed in one of our endeavor but that does not mean we should stop taking decision and stop taking action. If we weigh it high in our mind, then we will definitely leave little space for further decision making.

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